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Frequently asked questions



1 Products by Fachera
1.1 What do I do if an item is out of stock and I would like to buy it anyway?

If an item is out of stock and you would like to buy it, please send us an e-mail to: [email protected] We can’t guarantee that a product will be back in stock.

1.2 Could the colour of a product be different?
The colours of the products could be different in real life. This may have to do with the settings of your pc, laptop, desktop and tablet. These displays have a different view of colors each.
2 Complaints
2.1 What do I do if I have a complaint?
Do you have a complaint about an article or about our service? Please check the Complaints page for more information.
3 Types of leather & maintenance
3.1 What types of leather does Fachera have?

Cow: premium leather. It feels soft to the touch, is sturdy, extremely strong and durable.

Grained leather: This is a heavier class leather . It is oiled , has a great softness and is provided with a relief.

Nappa: It is a durable and soft leather which is used exclusively for quality and luxury products. The leather is lightweight and pleasant to the touch .

Flor:  Premium quality leather labeled with the typical Argentine floral motif . This leather is smooth and feels soft.

Carpincho leather: Carpincho leather is one of the best leathers in the world. It is light, flexible and waterproof. And although the leather is quite thin , it is very strong. This ensures its durability. The leather feels particularly good at , it is velvety. The appearance of carpincho leather is characterized by the distinctive pore structure, lighter ' dots ' . Carpincho is authentic Argentine .

For more information, see: Argentine leather goods

3.2 Why leather from Argentina?

The leather from Argentina is stronger and softer than in Europe. It stands for quality and durability.

Argentine leather is called the best leather in the world. This has to do with the living environment of the Argentine cows. They live on the grass landscape of the pampas, in Argentina. They have a lot of freedom and movement being always outside, eating only natural food and living under the sun. This makes the leather firmer, thicker and thus more durable.

3.3 Against which weather is the leather resistant?
Leather/nappa/grained/Flor leather can against all seasonal influences, sun, rain and snow. Excessive exposure to these weather conditions can lead to discoloration.
3.4 Is it possible to remove different types of stains from leather?
Yes, if the stains don’t contain grease, oil, alcohol or chemicals.
3.5 Against which weather is carpincho leather resistant?
It can be exposed at very high temperatures and humid conditions, snow is also not a problem. If it is constantly exposed to these influences, discoloration may be possible.
3.6 Is it possible to remove stains from carpincho leather?
Yes, when the stains don’t contain oils, chemicals or alcohol beverages.
3.7 How can I clean the leather?

Leather/Nappa/floater/grained/Flor: you can get it clean with a mild soapy water made of green soap. You need to rub this softly with a brush. Make sure that the soap scraps are well  removed before you get started with the leather care creme (fat) which works nourishing. A small amount of this  transparent creme works nourishing. With leather spray is also possible, this ensures that the leather is well protected.

Carpincho: take a soft, sponge  engorged with cold water and rub it on transparent glycerin soap until foam is formed. Rub a bit of the foam gently on the stain in the leather. Always make sure tp clean the whole surface and not only the stain, to avoid colour difference. Let it dry at room temperature or outside in the shadow.

3.8 How can I dry carpincho leather?
You must not hang the leather good above your radiator,or  in the bright sun or dry it with a hair dryer. Just put it on a place where it can dry gradually. It can be outside but only in the shadow.
3.9 Which types of soap are suitable for cleaning carpincho?
Only unscented transparent Glycerine soap.
3.10 Why are there imperfections in the carpincho leather?
The carpinchos (capybara) are bred on farms where they can live freely. To be as natural as possible males and females are not separated. It is possible that they fight with each other. With their fingernails or teeth they can leave scratches in the leather and that's what you possibly could see back on the leather good.
4 Discount promotions
4.1 For how long is a coupon valid?
If you have received a discount code, you get also a date of expire next to the code number.
4.2 How often can I use the same discount code?
A discount code can be use only one at the checkout of your order.
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